From my own journey healing from chronic illness, I discovered that the way forward is truly a holistic approach on all levels of body, mind and spirit. I also found that healing on a physical level can be the key that unlocks it all, especially when it comes to brain/neurological issues. And I believe this to be the same for our dogs. When we learn what is physically at the root of their anxiety issues, we empower them with the ability to heal and ourselves with the knowledge and tools to allow and guide them to do so. 

Through a gentle nutritional approach, we can assist their bodies in healing from the physical vulnerabilities and obstacles keeping them in the anxiety loop by removing neurotoxic substances while replenishing critical nutrients—restoring brain, nervous system and overall heath. I'm here to guide you through this journey. Let's do it together.

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Nutritional Healing

We pay close attention to how your dog is responding and improving as we go, carefully refining our plan to optimize results. We do regular assessments, letting your dog inform how we move forward into a calmer and happier version of life.

Together we come up with a specific and targeted approach to address the root causes of imbalance in a way that considers your dog’s own individual preferences and needs as well as your own.

Let’s get to know your dog on a deep level. Symptomatology, medical history, what’s helped and what hasn’t along with any known or suspected traumas. Connecting the dots, uncovering root causes and physical vulnerabilities.




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Where it all begins. Starting with a comprehensive online questionnaire, we dig deep to better understand your dog as an individual, letting their past inform their present. In a 60 minute in-depth consultation, we begin the process of putting the pieces together and connecting the dots. Within 7 days, you'll receive a tailored nutrition plan with all the resources to get you started as well as access to up to 5 e-mails support as needed.

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Nervous System Restoration Custom Nutrition Plan

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Starting with a follow-up online questionnaire, this is where we track progress and check in to see how your dog is responding on all levels, letting them inform how we move forward. Within 3 days, you'll receive a refined nutrition plan with an outline of the next steps of your dog's healing journey as well as any additional required resources. 

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An intensive yet gentle nervous system overhaul for those who require bit more of a jumpstart on their healing journey. In addition to an initial 60 minute consultation, we meet bi-weekly for a 2-3 month agreed upon time period to review progress, allowing us to quickly respond and refine our plan as we go, working toward a long-term maintenance healing plan. 

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Nervous System Reset Package

"We have the ability to heal when we know the truth of what invades our brain."

Anthony william,
medical medium



Have you been on a long and winding journey of trying to figure out what is at the root of your dog's chronic anxiety issues and what to do about it? After many years of doing my own in-depth research, I found explanations that finally made sense as well as ways we can help our dogs heal through nutrition. In this free guide, I share those learnings with you.


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The time has come for us to understand the root cause behind our dogs' chronic anxiety and to empower ourselves with the knowledge and tools to collectively move forward into a calmer and more peaceful version of life. Let’s do it.