Nervous System Healing
For Anxious Dogs

Our dogs are struggling with anxiety at skyrocketing rates. And there are limited answers and solutions available to us both traditionally and even alternatively. It feels like something’s missing doesn't it? The reason why

By understanding and addressing the physical vulnerabilities behind an anxiety disorder, we can help our dogs heal at a root level—collectively moving forward to a calmer and more peaceful version of life.

More Calm and Peace
For All

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"Emotional healing is not just a mental state of being.
It's the physical state of the physical brain."

- Anthony William




On the rollercoaster journey of navigating my own dog’s severe anxiety disorder, I realized something critical was missing in the traditional way it was being treated. From my background in holistic nutrition with a special interest in neurological health, I knew there were physical vulnerabilities at the root of his issues that could be addressed with a specific, targeted nutritional approach. Now I help other anxious dog guardians and safe-keepers to do the same.

Holistic Canine Nutritionist

I'm Paige Webster

Have you been on a long and winding journey of trying to figure out what is at the root of your dog's chronic anxiety issues and what to do about it? After many years of doing my own in-depth research, I found explanations that finally made sense as well as ways we can help our dogs heal through nutrition. In this free guide, I share those learnings with you.


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